Thursday, April 27, 2017

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North Carolina is slowly but surely becoming a powerhouse for up-and-coming hardcore with a strong sense of unity, excited new kids, and great bands. A handful of these releases do an awesome job paying homage to influences from the Early 90's that are sure to quickly become favorites for readers of this blog.

The newest North Carolina HC output is an incredible demo from Magnitude. Straight Edge hardcore in the vein of Strain and early Trial. It's awesome to see this style being played by a new band in 2017, as there aren't too many other bands trying to nail this sound. The songs are catchy and intelligent in a way that does a service for fans of this particular niche of hardcore while not being so specific to alienate those who aren't familiar or into the bands that Magnitude is influenced by.

You can stream the demo here

A handful of members of Magnitude also play in Search For Purpose, another awesome straight edge band from Charlotte, NC. Less moshy and more introspective than the aforementioned Magnitude demo, SFP's demo takes cues from Outspoken and Early strife, while their newest release, a two song promo tape, veers further into emotional and melodic territory with nods to bands like Drift Again. Either way, this band would sound right at home on the "Words To Live By, Words To Die For" comp, so if you're a fan of New Age Records early to mid 90's output, be sure to check this band out!

you can stream their new tape here

Thursday, April 6, 2017

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From the New Age Records info release:
We are thrilled to announce that we have added Cincinnati’s own Treason to the New Age Records Family.
Hardcore is alive and well in 2017…
Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Treason was formed out of necessity. With hardcore roots going back decades, the band felt a sense of obligation to represent the hardcore community and give back to what has given them such memories and purpose. Formed in 2017, Treason has members of Suffocate Faster, LAW, Culture, One Nation Under and Blood Has Been Shed, giving the band its own uniqueness both in sound and message.
“I remember coming up and buying anything New Age Records put out. Back in the stone age there was no internet or band camps. You bought records based on word of mouth and what the labels were pumping out. It’s an honor for us to be on releasing a record on a label that has given so much to our community and continues to share new bands with everyone” said Rich Thurston.
New Age Records founder Mike Hartsfield said, “I was so excited when Rich approached us as a possible home for Treason. We haven’t had many heavy hardcore bands recently on the label. Sometimes people forget New Age was the foundation for bands like Unbroken & Mean Season. We are thrilled to have Treason as part of the family”.
The debut 12” EP will be released this summer as the band sets out for numerous live shows in support as well as playing at this year’s “This Is Hardcore” fest.
Upcoming Shows
4/22 Cincinnati, Ohio @North Side Yacht Club
7/29 Philadelphia, PA @This is Hardcore

Read more about them here.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

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In my endless quest to produce a decent sounding version of the Earth Crisis - Demo 1993, I finally got my hands on multiple cassette copies. I ripped each full tape to WAV files, isolated the best sounding version of each song, adjusted levels and remastered as a final group for continuity.

In regards to Time Of Strife and whether it belongs as a part of this demo recording, I contacted Scott Crouse, and he gave me a rundown:

 There are actually 2 versions of Time Of Strife. The demo was originally 9 songs, but we didn’t like that version of Time Of Strife so we never included it on any copies that went to other people. It was mostly clean vocals and musically pretty different than where it ended up on the Structure Records comp. So the short answer is no, I think the version you have was not done in the same recording session. I don’t know if the anyone has the “original” version anymore. I think only band members would have it and I’m pretty sure none of us even have a copy of that demo.

As you can imagine, there are still limitations when dealing with 25 year old cassettes, but I think this is, by far, the best sounding version of the demo out there. For all the total nuts out there, here it is, in your choice of 320k mp3s or FLAC files.

(actual cover sent with tapes to record labels)

Earth Crisis - Demo 1993 
(320k mp3)


Saturday, March 18, 2017

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Pre-orders for the double LP Despair discography "Four Years Of Decay" will be going live at 3pm est/12pm pst today (3/18/17) through Safe Inside Records

Safe Inside has cooked up all kinds of cool stuff to coincide with this release, including shirts/hoodies and the chance to win test presses and original t-shirts with every pre-order.

Check it out over at Safe Inside Records.

And if you haven't heard of Safe Inside yet, they're a new label being operated by two former members of San Diego stalwarts, Built To Last.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

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I'm sure you're all familiar with Chicago's early 90s heavy hitters, Everlast, thanks to their Drown The Self 7" that was released on Chapter Records in 1994. This demo from 1993 is no less of a juggernaut, but has a bit of a more raw feel with the recording. It contains four tracks that were not re-recorded for the 7" or Cold War compilation.

Everlast - Demo 1993

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

South Florida's own Ecostrike is now streaming their new 7" via Carry The Weight Records. Boasting four new tracks of Vegan Straight Edge hardcore in the vein of bands like Strife, Spawn, and early Earth Crisis, the record will be available for pre-order in January.

In the meantime, stream the 7" here.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

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I was going through a pile of old VHS tapes the other day, and I came across this quick set of Another Victim playing at YMCAin Arlington Heights, IL on 12/19/98.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I remember driving up to this show in Seattle, as there was no Oregon date booked for the tour. Definitely not a bad way to kick off 2003.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Don't finalize those "Favorite Demo of the Year" lists quite yet, as this late addition to the party for 2016 may tempt you to reconsider yours. xElegyx is a punishingly heavy new Vegan Straight Edge band from South Florida playing Metallic Hardcore in the "Edgemetal" style, specifically reminiscent of German bands like xMaroonx and early Caliban. Great stuff here, and along with bands like Castyoudown, Ecostrike, Drawing Last Breath, and Sandman, xElegyx is an awesome new addition to the boom of 90's-era influenced/metal-tinged hardcore that has been surging out of South Florida recently. The demo is streaming now and tapes will soon be available through U.K.-based label Rage Records.

Stream the demo here.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

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I can distinctly remember the first time I heard Undying. My friend had just gotten a shipment of new releases for his distro, and knowing how much I loved the Day Of Suffering CD, he heavily urged me to take a listen to Undying's 'This Day All Gods Die' EP. I went over to his house to pick it up along with some other new stuff, and it was the first thing that I put on in my car. That EP didn't just blow my mind, it splattered my brain throughout the interior of my car. The mix of thrash/black metal speed, the urgency and breakdowns of hardcore, and the melody of one of my all time favorite bands, My Dying Bride, was the absolute perfect combination for me.

Over the years, I happily booked and played many shows with Undying and was fortunate enough to see them play in multiple states and multiple countries. They never once disappointed me, but over the many years, the one thing that has always eluded me was the demo tape. That all changed quite recently when I finally acquired a copy from a pal like Rich Thurston. Another rip of this demo has floated around the internet for years being labeled as 'Demo 1999', but that is inaccurate. This Day All Gods Die was released in January of 1999, and recorded in August of 1998, so obviously, this demo pre-dates that. Just to be sure, I consulted James Chang, and here's what he had to say about the demo recording:
"I remember that it was freezing when we recorded it. I recorded it in our practice space, and we couldn't leave the space heater on while recording guitars because it dropped the voltage on our amps and made them sound like shit, ha. The band started towards the end of 97 though, and we were together a bit before the demo, so I've got to figure early 98."

Two downloads are below. One clean rip straight from the tape with no alterations, and a remastered version that I think sounds extra nice (both at 320k). Take your pick, or download both, whatever suits you.

 Undying - Demo 1998